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Financial Advisory

We offer assistance within the areas of Project Finance, Capital Expenditure for Green- field/Brown-field Expansion, Acquisition Finance and Cross-Border projects funding.

Our exhaustive arrays of services include dealing in various financial products and include Project feasibility study, project financing, Project implementation by arranging finance for Corporate, Businessmen, Traders and Exporters etc. The various financial products are as under:
  1. Unsecured Corporate Loans
  2. Loan Syndication for Bigger Projects/Expansion Plan etc.
  3. Working Capital, Term Loans from Banks
We take special care in financing to meet our customers’ running capital requirements by offering the following products:
  1. Secured Over Draft (SOD)
  2. Cash Credit (Hypo.)
  3. Cash Against Document
  4. Short Term Loan
  5. Inland Bill Purchase (IBP)
  6. Foreign Bill Purchase (FBP)
Our expertise in arranging finance solutions for your plant and equipment acquisitions has enabled us to recognize and adapt solutions to meet the needs of a diverse and evolving customer base. Keeping abreast of changing trends positions Imperial Corporate Consultancy to offer advantages ahead of the competition.
Support we offer in structured finance services:
  1. Bond Valuations
  2. Portfolio Monitoring and Surveillance
  3. Waterfall Modelling for structured deals
  4. Underlying Asset Summaries and Analysis
  5. Investor Reporting Packages
  6. Periodic and Thematic Research
  7. Loan Tape Cracking
  8. Investment Memorandum Support
We Provide:
  1. Stock Swap Transaction
  2. Acquisition Through Equity
  3. Cash Acquisition
  4. Acquisition Through Debt
  5. Acquisition through mezzanine or quasi debt
  6. Modelling Acquisition Financing
  7. Seller's Financing/Vendor take-back loan (VTB)
Imperial Corporate Consultancy offers promoter funding service as a deft solutions in order to raise funds in no time.
Whether you’re in the service, restaurant, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, wholesale, online, or any industry, when you need to sell a business, you need to be in touch with Imperial Corporate Consultancy.
Imperial Corporate Consultancy can help you leasing your assets, we expertise in following types:
  1. Capital Lease
  2. Operating Lease
  3. Stretch Lease
  4. Skip Payment Lease
  5. Step Payment Lease
  6. Master Lease
  7. Sale and Leaseback
  8. Lease Line of Credit
  9. Leasehold Improvements
We, at Imperial corporate consultancy help you to evaluate and navigate corporate transactions, with services that include business modeling, M&A, and valuations.

Insolvency Professional Services

Our team specializes in formulating the Revival and Resolution Plans on behalf of the stakeholders like Financial Institutions, Shareholder’s and Promoter’s of the corporate entities

  1. Assistance in Resolution Plan
  2. we have a dedicated team and qualified team and qualified professionals of ICC that helps the prospective bidders in preparation of resolutions plans
  1. No project can be absolutely risk free and hence the analysis of the degree of technical risk and associated financial viability, through a Techno-Economic Viability Study (TEVS) evaluation is to assist lenders to take a view on the acceptability of the degree of risk involved in a project.
  2. A TEV study takes into account an analysis of technological risk, market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk, etc. A critical evaluation of these parameters is essential for a meaningful TEV study. Imperial Corporate Consultancy with the right skill sets assists to assess the bankability of the Resolution Plans or Revival Plans.
Imperial Corporate Consultancy provides process advisory services under IBC, 2016 as under:
  1. Preparation of evaluation matrix during CIR Process under IBC 2016
  2. Identification of right mix of resolution applicants during CIR process under IBC 2016.
  3. Preparation and vetting of resolution plans of resolution applicants during CIR Process Under IBC 2016
  1. The team is experienced in raising Interim Finance for companies under CIRP as well as implementing complex transactions involved in arranging fund syndication and for raising funds from investors, Special Situation Funds and NBFCs etc. for restructuring, takeover etc. of financially distressed entities.
  2. The team advises on navigating bankruptcies, acquisitions, debt restructurings, trading etc.
  1. Each source of acquisition funding option comes with its own costs and risks. When investigating a potential acquisition it is best to engage an experienced Merger & Acquisition advisor who will counsel you on the different funding options designed to support the unique needs of the business acquisition.
  2. Imperial Corporate Consultancy can provide sound advice on the best possible acquisition funding structure that enables you to gain more capital at a lower cost.
Imperial Corporate Consultancy provides consultancy services for one-time-settlement (OTS):
  1. Preparation of OTS package
  2. Negotiates the terms & settlement with the financial institutions / banks
  3. Structuring of the OTS deal in a way that both borrower and the lenders are able to regularize each other's loan / credit account.
  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy is providing corporate financial restructuring and turnaround solutions to under-performing enterprises. Our broad base of expertise and international experience sets the benchmark by which turnaround firms manage their most difficult commercial challenges in India.
  2. If your investment is not achieving sufficient returns and is at risk of insolvency, we can assist you in quickly analyzing the decisive factors that affect your firm’s survival and implement critical change to halt the losses and put the company back on the road to recovery.

Transaction Tax

We endeavour to build tax and regulatory efficiencies in your Transactions by thoroughly understanding your commercial objectives, and determining effective tax solutions that support these objectives in a compliant manner.

  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy's Deal Advisory, M&A tax practice helps companies avoid fiscal pitfalls and unpleasant, post-transaction surprises. In addition to identifying potential tax costs/risks and proposing actions or methodologies to minimize negative effects on deal value, we also try to identify potential tax saving opportunities to help enhance the deal value and propose actions or methodologies to capture those opportunities. Imperial Corporate Consultancy's team is commercially-minded, deal hardened professionals help clients identify and manage material tax exposures, look beyond the immediate impact, and design deal structures that enhance post-tax returns. We work closely with companies to identify tax and regulatory issues in their transactions and provide tools that can meet desired commercial objectives.
Every Investment, Divestment or Joint Venture transaction calls for a reasonable assessment of historical, current and potential tax risks in the Target. A timely assessment of these risks, coupled with identification of potential opportunities (viz., hidden reserves) lying in the Target, go a long way in arriving at the real value of a Transaction. We follow these value-oriented principles irrespective of the transaction being Buy-side or Sell-side, Domestic or Cross-Border, Strategic or Financial or Share vs. Asset Deal.
We Can Help With :-
  1. Tax Diligence
  2. Tax Structuring
  3. Inputs on Financial Model
  4. Tax Negotiation Support/ Deal Documentation
  5. Post Deal Integration
The Stressed Asset Settlement Avenues offered by the Government for Stressed Assets – whether through Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (“IBC” or “Code”), or outside IBC window – not only facilitates expeditious recovery/respite for Creditors, but in hindsight also offers investment opportunities for strategic and financial investors.
We Can Help With :-
  1. Tax Due-Diligence
  2. Transaction Structuring
  3. Resolution Plan / Other Bid Support
  4. Post Bid Support
Financial Investors like Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital Funds (VCF), and Family Offices, have varied perspectives in terms of risk assessment, expeditious closures and value optimization for their stakeholders.
We Can Help With :-

Transaction-related support -
  1. Tax Structuring
  2. Tax Due-Diligence
  3. Inputs on financial model
  4. Negotiation inputs

Post-Investment Support-
  1. Portfolio Co analysis
  2. Comprehensive Deal Tax Advisory
  3. Divestment Advisory
  4. Tax and Regulatory clearances
  1. Our Corporate Finance & Restructuring practice, a trusted partner to companies, is focused on delivering restructuring and business transformation solutions. Committed to our clients’ success, our professionals address the full spectrum of financial, operational and transactional risks and opportunities. Among our core strengths is providing expertise in guiding companies through the value creation lifecycle.
Succession planning can be difficult, however, as the development of employees can take years of coordination and training. Imperial Corporate Consultancy can help you with this process with our succession planning financial services. We’ll help you develop training plans, job shadowing schedules and succession planning methods to help your business keep a full set of trained staff members ready and waiting on the sidelines.
You will be benefitted with:
  1. Enhance Satisfaction
  2. Improve Employees
  3. Increase Confidence
  4. Maximize Preparedness
  1. We have highly trained professionals who work with you throughout the life cycle of your solution. With this premise, we offer the best there is in products and services for enterprise management excellence in your organization.

Equity Trading

Imperial provides investment solutions for stock trading, commodity trading, currency trading and pre- ipo share(unlisted stock market). We have come so far in delivering the best investment option available in the market.

  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy partners with its customers, and assists in their journey of Wealth Creation by empowering them with the power of Equity and varied Financial Instruments. ICC is in the business of offering investments and trading in Stock & Securities, through its various stock exchange affiliations.
  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy is your energy and commodity trade management solution whatever you trade, whenever you trade, its universal deal manager and risk engine ensures that all of your trading activities can be well managed within one system, one architecture on one trade management platform, Imperial Corporate Consultancy also provides industry and market segment specific logistics management forms and reports which takes into the account the nuances of the specific logistical requirements of each commodity.
  1. As per Bank for International Settlements - Currency Market Trading average at $5.09 trillion/Day
  2. Imperial Corporate Consultancy offers Currency Trading, Leveraged Currency Trading, Arbitrage Desk & Currency Hedging Solutions for Investors, Traders, Arbitrageurs & Hedgers.
  3. Leverage fluctuating FOREX rates beneficially by trading in Currency Futures & Currency Options using our Forex Trading Strategies.
  1. At Imperial Corporate Consultancy, our constant endeavor is to provide you with the best investing experience. During your investing journey, however, if you find yourself stuck somewhere, we have got your back. Be it queries and issues with orders, tracking, returns, payment, OTM, biller or SIP related queries, etc.
  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy, provide excess to invest in innovation companies before they are listed on any of the stock exchanges, before unlocked the potential growth, expert in exploring multibagger pre-ipo stocks "hidden gems" "value picks pre IPO allows you to participate in growing SMEs" financing round , few... you to invest in innovation companies before they are listed on the stock exchange, hidden gems are which stocks of quality companies with strong underlying business, which could be unlock at the time of IPO, today, time has come to shift out attention from the conventional shares listed on the NSE & BSE exchanges, & study some of the brightest stocks which may become multi bagger in future and are still trade in unlock territory of unlisted market which remains out of reach for most of us

Retail Loans

We provide complete loan solutions with complete information on interest rate processing fees of all banks and have a good relationship with our partners. We will console your lookout for any loan. Our team of devotee works is available 24X7 for your support.

  1. We understand that in these unprecedented times, our plans for travelling and have destination weddings have got postponed & new needs have emerged. A need for a safe and comfortable lifestyle, a need to have a safety net to tackle any unplanned/immediate requirement.

    And to help you fulfil all these needs during these challenging times, Imperial Corporate Consultancy is ‘There For You’ with its Personal Loan solutions.
  1. Want to increase the size of your business or setup the new company? We can help you to approved the business loan for your small and big business within 24 to 48 hours without any issue. Apply today.
  1. Looking for home loan to make the new homes so you are at right place to get the personal loan. We can help approved the personal loan with in 24 to 48 hours. Submit your documents and get the instant approval.
  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy can get you Easy and flexible finance options for vehicles, ranging from two wheelers, cars, commercial vehicles, earth movers to farm equipment.
  1. At Imperial Corporate Consultancy we provide assistance in applying for loans against mortgage of existing residential/commercial immovable property. End use of the loan may be towards expansion of business, foreign travel, personal requirements such as education, marriage of children, family function, medical expenses, furnishing of the house, buying high cost consumer durables, etc. However, funds should be used for only a legitimate purpose.
  1. Now construct your dream home with Imperial Corporate Consultancy's Construction Loan. With speedy approvals, competitive rates, easy process and minimum paperwork, we help bring you closer to your dreams of constructing a new house in an easy and hassle-free manner.
  1. Keeping this in mind, Imperial Corporate Consultancy presents Equipment Loans, to help your business purchase the machinery or equipment it requires for expansion or modernization. We bring uniqueness by customizing the funding as per your need.
  1. Fund your business with a commercial loan with Imperial Corporate Consultancy's help. Use the funds to buy new tools, refill your inventory, grow infrastructure or increase working capital. Support your business to reach new heights of profitability with this easy-to-avail commercial finance.
  1. Imperial Corporate Consultancy offers factory loans very at easy to meet terms and conditions. You can check your eligibility for our unsecured small factory loan by talking to our team who can help you at every stage from when you apply for the loan till you have the money in hand


Securing your financial future can be a major concern. Let us ease that burden. With a range of products, cost structures, and unmatched financial strength, getting Insured is a smart choice and a great value.

IMPERIAL CORPORATE CONSULTANCY will help you choose from many different types of life insurance policies are available to meet all sorts of needs and preferences. which are:
  1. Term Insurance Policy
  2. Endowment Policies
  3. Non-Linked Participating Endowment Plan
  4. Unit Linked Life Insurance Policy (ULIP)
  5. Non-participating Non-linked endowment plan
IMPERIAL CORPORATE CONSULTANCY will help you get the best health insurance as per your needs by calculating each and every aspect which can occur; we have:-
  1. Individual plans
  2. Family plans
  3. Senior citizen plans
  4. Critical illness insurance plans
  5. Personal accident insurance
  6. Maternity plans
  7. Unit-linked health insurance plans
  1. We help to find and give you policies that provide comprehensive coverage and utmost protection for your vehicle while the prompt and efficient service lessens your worries during trying times. With the add-on covers, your policy can be tailored to suit your future needs and requirements.
IMPERIAL CORPORATE CONSULTANCY will help you choose from many different types of life insurance policies are available to meet all sorts of needs and preferences. which are:
  1. Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy.
  2. Public Liability Coverage.
  3. Building Structure/Home Insurance.
  4. Burglary and Theft.
  5. Personal Accident.
  6. Contents Insurance.
  7. Landlord Insurance.
  8. Tenant Insurance.

Our Legal Practices

Our legal team is well equipped to deal with legal matters. Having expertise in local laws becomes our forte, thus ensuring the maximum competency in legal solutions.

With the business oriented approach and rich experience across different sectors, our team is well equipped in providing seamless advisory and compliance solutions for all your corporate secretarial matters. Following key services:
  1. Business Set up under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
  2. Change in Registrations / Owners / Directors / Partners under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
  3. Regulatory Secretarial practices under the Companies Act, 2013 and the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
  4. Winding up under the Companies Act, 1956
In-House Legal Services that Imperial Corporate Consultancy provides to its clients can be broadly categorized into 3 segments:
  1. Advice on daily functioning and operations in the company
  2. Corporate governance and company secretarial services
  3. Advice relating to human resource/ employment/ labor related concerns for the company
IPR In India involves complicated requirements and legalities for registration in India and requires substantial expertise in for the protection of registration as per;
  • The Design Act, 2000
  • The Patents Act, 1970
  • The Trademarks Act, 1999
  • Copyright Act, 1957.
  1. Copyright Services
  2. Trademark Services
  3. Intellectual Property Right Services
  4. Design Registration
  5. Patent Registration, ETC.
Imperial Corporate Consultancy provides support services to insolvency professionals who are its partners in carrying out various assignments where they may be appointed, We Deal In:
  1. Corporate insolvency resolution process
  2. Claim verification
  3. Front end team for taking over control & custody of corporate debtor
  4. Legal solutions
  5. Finance and account
  6. Liquidation process
  7. Resolution plan facilitator
  8. Asset sale
  9. Human resource
Our lawyers specialize in recovering unpaid debts from individuals and companies so we know the best way to get your unpaid debts recovered quickly which may involve insolvency proceedings, litigation or settlement out of court. Like:
  1. First, to negotiate with debtors.
  2. Second, to process debt recovery litigation.
  3. Third, transfer the case to court.
  4. We provide SARFAESI solutions as well.
The Taxation services are meant to provide holistic 'Tax Solutions' for doing business within India and with India, through advisory, litigation and compliance services support. In the area of Direct Taxation our services include:
  1. Corporate Taxation Consultancy for structured tax solutions tailored to meet business objectives.
  2. Corporate Tax Litigation
  3. Representation before various judicial & quasi-judicial forums like Income Tax Appellant Tribunal, High Courts & Supreme Court
  4. Expertise in Search, Seizure and Prosecution litigation
  5. Cross Border Transaction Advisory for Double Tax Avoidance Agreements(DTAA)
  6. Tax Advisories
  7. Indirect Taxation,Custom, Excise duties, Value Added Tax (VAT)/Sales tax, Service tax & Foreign Trade Policy-related matters
  8. Representing before various judicial & quasi-judicial forums like appellate bodies, DGFT, Tribunals, High Courts & Supreme Court
  9. Consultancy services encompass guidance, clarification, solutions & opinions
  10. Day-to-day reporting, compliances & accounting for indirect taxes
  1. Commercial Litigation
  2. Medical Malpractice
  3. Asbestos and Toxic Tort Law
  4. Product Liability
  5. Negligence?
  6. Criminal
  7. Civil
  1. Mediation
  2. Conciliation
  3. Arbitration
  4. Adjudication
  1. Family-Based Immigration
  2. Business and Investor Immigration
  3. Asylum
  4. Deportation Defense
  5. Appeals
  6. Waivers
  7. Crimmigation
NRI legal services
  1. BUSINESS SETUP: Business Registration, Licenses, Company Name Search, International Business Setup.
  2. TAX & COMPLIANCE: Corporate Compliance, Changes in Pvt Ltd Company, Labour Compliance, Accounting & Tax, GST, Changes in Limited Liability Partnership, Convert Your Business.
  3. LEGAL AGREEMENTS: Share Purchase Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Term Sheet Review, Founders Agreement, MOU, Hiring Documents, Business Contracts, Service / Vendor